lørdag 27. september 2008


A.P.C. scented candles. Yum.

Bernhard Willhelm for Uslu Airlines. I've bought the white one. Sparkling.

New scarves from Henrik Vibskov.

Grafik Magazine with wonderful portrait of Norwegian graphic design trio Yokoland.
Tonight I'm going to a birthday party. Plan to drink a lot of white wine and dance a bit. Yuhuu.

lørdag 20. september 2008

And speaking of Marc Jacobs...

I'm in love with the Marc by Marc Jacobs SS 09. It's superscrumptiousfantastic. The details. The hemlines. The silhouettes. The color palette. The bracelets. The necklaces. The pink and white and turquoise. The backpack and fannypacks. Oh, I want, I want, I want.
(Photos from Style.com)

Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton

I must have seen this documentary ten times. Loïc Prigent is amazing and his portrait of Marc Jacobs is so intimate and real that it's difficult not to be charmed to death. Seeing Jacobs fuzzing about, sewing a hem, thinking, visualizing, seeing new contemporary art for inspiration, working in Paris, then New York, traveling to Tokyo for a LV party in a bubble dome, is more or less insane. I can't imagine having such a stressful lifestyle and still it's something that's appealing more and more to me. See this film. It will make you want to create something.

Martin Margiela Madness

Went to Brussels with my boyfriend last weekend since his ambassador father lives there. Very posh and very fun. His family is so down to earth and it's so strange to parade around their massive house with industrial kitchen and five living rooms. It's like living in a hotel, which is pretty sweet. Our plan was to see Metronomy, but we got drunk at a NATO dinner instead. Fabulous. But we did go to Antwerpen, which I had been looking forward to.

Antwerpen is renowned for its fashion. Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts is the birth place of The Antwerp Six (Dirk Bikkembergs, Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Walter Von Beirendonck, Dirk Van Saene and Martin Margiela) who revolutionized fashion in the 80s.

Martin Margiela was replaced by Marina Yee after a short period of time, but he has remained an extremely important figure in contemporary fashion design. An exhibition on Martin Margiela opened at MoMu the same weekend we were there and it was so amazing seeing his ideas and finished work up close. The label turns 20 this year and the exhibition is in a way a guide through Maison Martin Margiela's different themes and approaches to fashion.

Margiela is known for his deconstructivist approach to fashion and oftens reuses old materials and garments in his creations. He fusions tailoring with conceptual thinking and it was fascinating to explore his unique communication policy (Margiela opposes the star status of the designer and no images of Margiela is distributed), presentations and events and not to mention store design.

All in all, a wonderful exhibit and a great weekend trip to a city that more people should travel too.

søndag 7. september 2008

Pretty Pictures Make Me Happy When the Weather is Crappy

Flight of the Conchords for Presidents

Oh, jeez. Flight of the Conchords are insane. Bret and Jermaine sing gangstarap/folk about racist dragons called Albi and rapping dinosaurs while playing keytar. Yup. I'm dying. And I just came back from crazy cool Bergen. So nice. Booka Shade and Whitest Boy Alive and Radioclit was great. Got all sweaty and sweet. And the weather was amazing and we ate blueberry pancakes. Yumm.

torsdag 4. september 2008

Shu Delight

Shu Uemura's lashes are to die for. Me want some. Now.

100th post!

Weird. 100 freaking posts. Gawd. I felt like celebrating with a fitting photo and I thought of this cute little bunneh. Hihi. (Yes, I know that's not how you spell it 'correctly', but I'm cuteoverloaded).

Hurrah for me, for the bunneh, for all the wonderful and exciting things in the world, for drinking to much soda late in the night even though one have to get up early in the morning to go to college and learn embroidery and take a flight to Bergen at 1 PM to go to the Ekko Festival and see Booka Shade and The Whitest Boy Alive and Radioclit and drink Gin Tonic and dancedancedance and realize that Norway is actually a pretty sweet country to live in and fall asleep happily.