lørdag 31. mai 2008

There's This Girl

There's this girl who's name is Camille. And she can't be more than fifteen. She hides her braces when posing for the camera. Her lips clenched a bit too tight. But she's cute as a button. And dresses in casual outfits, pairing monochrome blazers with Doc Martens, sporting jumpsuits and Marni sandals, Dries van Noten heels and bootcut jeans. Cool obviously doesn't have an age limit.
(You'll find Camille here: childhoodflames.blogspot.com)

Eurovision Party

Stig van Eijk

Me. Jeeez.

The Eurovision party. As mentioned in an earlier post. This is crazy. I'm rather embarassed, actually. But still, extremely funny. Right now I'm sitting in bed. I think I'm sick, which is a bit ass concidering it's saturday and I actually have the day off. So weird not to be working. The weather is great so the plans are to find a park, buy some white wine and shrimps and just relax with friends. Sounds magnificent.
(Pics from vanpaaschen.blogspot.com)

onsdag 28. mai 2008

Mini Horse Horror

Last week I dreamt that I was being attacked by miniature horses. I am not kidding. It's one of the most terrifying dreams I think I've ever had. They had small legs and ferocious looking eyes and they started nibbling on my tighs and I started bleeding from tiny sores. Scary. No more CuteOverload for me.

mandag 26. mai 2008

Clean and Simple

Ivy League chic from the one and only Sartorialist. Very Yale. Very uptown-Manhattan-I-have-a-Master's- Degree-in- French-medieval-literature. And he looks like he could fit right in as one of the cast members of Gossip Girl. God, have to stop watching junk television.

søndag 25. mai 2008

Scott Hansen Obama Poster

Just a quick post on the new poster (huhu) for Obama by Scott Hansen better known as ISO50 (blog.iso50.com). I think it's amazing. I read on kitsunenoir that with all the layers (around 1000!) it's actually a 2.77 GB file! That's insane. So many small and perfect details. It's sunny today, so I think I'll head outside and have som ice coffee. Splendid.

Have a nice sunday!


Drinking circle in my room. Check out my pink little floor cushion.

My new Pierre Hardy boots that cost me a month's rent. I have no idea why I took them on. I didn't wear them that night. It was probably just for the photo. Druuunk.

Fanny and Magnus kissing my pinata. Sweet.

I cracked open my Holga camera yesterday at Fanny's amazing Eurovision party. I can't wait to see the pictures. Fanny was wearing a pink cowboy hat and fake feather eye lashes. I wore silver tights and a pink metalique oversized coat. So wrong, but so good. Mattis looked like Willy Wonka. And some girls dressed like T.A.T.U. And made out as well. Andreas was Stig van Eijk. Incredible, but true.

Anyway, my friend Camilla is a skilled little blogerina and takes super nice photos (vanpaaschen.blogspot.com). She recently posted some old lomography photos (well, from March) from a party at our house. I think they turned out great (see above). I'm so looking forward to developing mine!

fredag 23. mai 2008

Chanel Iman

It's not that strange really, with a name like Chanel Iman you're destined to do great things. And there's no doubt that this eighteen-year-old girl will do just that. I mean, look at her. Since her runway debut in 2006 she's walked close to one hundred shows and even graced the cover of Vogue (May 07). She has both African and Korean blood running through her veins and is born and raised in Atlanta. And it's this quirky combination that makes Chanel special. Her signature is winking at a member of the audience from the runway and it's rumoured that she's winked at Anna Wintour herself. Cheeky.

The Angriest Little Kitty in the World

torsdag 22. mai 2008

Nom Nom

The last week has been hectic. Really hectic. We're working on two issues of the magazine simultaniously in addition to the special Øya Festival edition. Ex-hau-sting.

Oh, well, in three weeks time I'll be in Greece with my boyfriend. I can't even begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to it. Cold white wine, greek salad, beach life, sun, reading, watermelon. And I'll be there on my birthday too! I'm celebrating my 21st on June 16. Btw, I made the cupcakes in the photo for my friend Liv's birthday in march. They look like some sort of cancer. Anyhuww, tasted good, though.

Turning 21 is something I'm looking forward to. This summer will be 'the summer I was 21', and I have to say that New York has a teensy weensy bit to do with my excitement. It's actually dawning on me now how strange and weird and wonderful and exciting and strange (I said that, right?) it'll be to celebrate my 21st summer in New York. So weird. So so weird.

Things I'm longing to do:
- Have my usual picnic in Central Park with loads of deli goodies such as Snapple, parma ham, rye bread, good cheese, cupcakes from Magnolia and fresh magazines.
- Study design (yes, I'm such a geek, but I can't wait!)
- Drink cheap drinks and then go dancing.
- Live in Brooklyn (first time!)
- Shop (it's New York, come on)

Only one month to go.

onsdag 21. mai 2008

Need a break

Tea. Scones. Cupcakes? Strawberries. Fresh newspapers. The new edition of Vogue. Rye bread. Cheese. Orange juice. Belle & Sebastian. Peace. Calm. Quiet.

mandag 19. mai 2008

søndag 18. mai 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

Got loads of things to do, but instead I took pictures of stuff inside my room. It made me serene. And calm. I’m a bit crazy, I know. And obviously a bit too materialistic.

onsdag 14. mai 2008

Narrow Stairs

Death Cab for Cutie just released their new album "Narrow Stairs" and I'm excited. And not entirely in a good way. I heard that there is supposed to be a lot of jamming on this record, a feature I can't say I approve of. I. Hate. Jamming.

But still, Death Cab was my teenage band #1 and I can't even tell you how many times I must have listened to "Transatlantiscism" lying under the covers innocently kissing by boyfriend. Hmm. I suddenly got very nostalgic. Must not judge, ehem, the record on its supposedly jamming cover. Or something. Maybe it'll bring back sweet memories.

søndag 11. mai 2008

Lost on ffffound

Got lost on ffffound again today. Um, haha – didn’t notice the pun before I’d written it. Chuckle.
These are my favorite images right now. I'm going to my sister tonight to eat fajitas and sit on her balcony and enjoy the early summer breeze. Swweeet. Have a nice sunday.

fredag 9. mai 2008


I don’t why, but I’ve been really hesitant about this ‘outfit of the day’ stuff. I don’t think it will be a regular thing, but maybe once in a while? The deal is that I’m usually a bit too stressed to remember taking a picture of myself. Hmm. So I’ll post them when I remember. Promise. It’s also a bit scary. Please be kind.

Handmade skirt in raw silk
Tank top - American Apparel
Cashmere cardigan - H&M
Platforms - Zara
Jewellery - Two golden chains made into one with random assortment of charms
Watch - Casio

onsdag 7. mai 2008

Wish list

1. Bunny Mask

2. Miu Miu Bag (Photo courtesy of Kris Atomic)

3. Sequined dress

4. Huge architectonic scarf à la Sandra Backlund

5. Balenciaga AW 07 stilettos by Pierre Hardy (yes, I know they’re old, sort of, but I WANT them. I want to look a big Lego)

Reason for this post:
Hmm. Been going through my blog (yes, I’m a big fat narcissist) and I was rather amazed that I haven’t written that much about fashion. I think my subconscious is telling me that it’s tired of writing about fashion all day at work, so in my blog it obviously finds it more interesting to write about reindeer hot dogs. Obviously. My subconscious is truly a genius. I should be nicer to it. Jeez.

Anyhow, in spite of my lousy little reindeer loving subconscious I’m posting this entry dedicated to fashion. Yup, that’s right. And it’s narcissistic as hell. It’s my very own wish list.


The weather has been so good lately that we had a little picnic last weekend. It was great. Just a few of us eating strawberries and fizzy candy. Then the freaking birds came and shat all over my cashmere cardigan that Iselin was borrowing. That’s karma for you. I got really annoyed. But some Mango Madness Snapple cheered me up, not surprisingly.

Iselin got bird pooh on her finger.

Me scraping off bird pooh. Nice.

I laughed so hard that my new Mac Russian Red lipstick got all smeared on my face and I looked like a pree-schooler playing with her mom's make-up. Ah, well. I didn’t care. Nice to be almost 21 and act like you’re 12.