mandag 5. mai 2008

Berrrgen pt. 2

Pwoahh. Lot of stress today. We just started working on the new magazines (yes, plural) since it will be too stressfull to manage work during the holidays. Hence, we have three new issues on our hands and we just sent the newest one to the printers. I took three Aspirin today and tomorrow I'm definitely calling my doctor. My back is killing me. And I'm only 20! Jeez, I'm turning into a little old lady already. Brrrr.

Anyway, I meant to update on Bergen a little sooner, but due to super nice weather and work (ok, I promise I won't complain anymore) I haven't really found the time. But right now I'm lying on the couch doing nothing but eating strawberries and sporting a handsome face mask (Clinique). I look really sick. It's pale green.

Bergen was beautiful. It's probably the prettiest town in Norway. Situated beneath towering mountains it is packed with San Fransicoesque streets and small wooden houses. Pastel ones as well!

The Fix was amazing. Marius and I went backstage at the venue and it was a bit surreal to actually see all our favorite musicians in one cramped, Norwegian room, drinking Norwegian beer. Weird. Flosstradamus played a super cool, unpretentious set, and Matt & Kim blew the roof of the house. Marius and I had bought these colored techno light glasses at this crap store earlier that day, and we threw them on stage and Matt & Kim actually wore them for an entire song. Then they fell off.

I met Matt & Kim last year at the Øya Festival here in Oslo and they were such genuine people. We met again backstage and when they actually remembered me it just confirmed how extremely nice they truly are. Oh, and when they played "Lightspeed" I was screaming so loud that the girl beside me shhh'ed me. At a concert!

And look at the nice flyer! It's probably one of the coolest one I've seen so far with the neon orange little paper ribbon around the "waist" of the other flyers. Every artist had their own. Marius saved it for me because he said it was so me. And he is right, of course. As always.

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