søndag 25. mai 2008


Drinking circle in my room. Check out my pink little floor cushion.

My new Pierre Hardy boots that cost me a month's rent. I have no idea why I took them on. I didn't wear them that night. It was probably just for the photo. Druuunk.

Fanny and Magnus kissing my pinata. Sweet.

I cracked open my Holga camera yesterday at Fanny's amazing Eurovision party. I can't wait to see the pictures. Fanny was wearing a pink cowboy hat and fake feather eye lashes. I wore silver tights and a pink metalique oversized coat. So wrong, but so good. Mattis looked like Willy Wonka. And some girls dressed like T.A.T.U. And made out as well. Andreas was Stig van Eijk. Incredible, but true.

Anyway, my friend Camilla is a skilled little blogerina and takes super nice photos (vanpaaschen.blogspot.com). She recently posted some old lomography photos (well, from March) from a party at our house. I think they turned out great (see above). I'm so looking forward to developing mine!

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