tirsdag 6. mai 2008

Conversation in Bergen

4:30 am:
Standing outside a luxury hot dog stand (it really was). Marius is at the ATM. I’m tired. And hungry. Half asleep on my own shoulder.

Weird guy with pony tail and leather jacket: Well, hello there. What are you having?
Me: Um, I don't know yet.
Weird guy: I know what you're having. You’re having a reindeer hot dog. I’m ordering two.
Me: Ah, really you don’t have too, I’m fine.
Weird guy: No no, I insist.
Me: No, I insist. I don’t really like reindeer.
Weird guy: (A bit annoyed now, ignoring my last comment) I’ll have two reindeer hot dogs!
Hot dog lady: Sorry, we’re out.
Weird guy: Oh. (Weird guy walks away without ordering anything else.)

Marius and I bought hot dogs with chili and garlic and walked home. And then slept forever. At least until 11 am. My mattress was a bit hard.