lørdag 3. mai 2008

Berrrgen pt. 1

Bergen was amazing, as always. Seven hours on the train flew by, astonishingly enough. I got all national romantic whilst on the train and ohh'ed and ahh'ed every time we went by a particularily big mountain with snow covers or a water fall. Or saw some sheep. I adopted the enthusiasm of a pack of Japanese tourists and felt rather embarrassed when one of the other passengers actually asked me to be a bit quiet. I sat in silence the remainder of the trip reading my wonderful book, No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July. It was actually very nice.

I also got to read all my new glossy magazines that I haven't had the chance to even open due to deadline stress. Arghhh. Hence, the fresh pages of Cover, Nylon, Acne Paper and Jalouse were consumed with great interest. Nom Nom Nom. My iPod was scorching hot when I reached Bergen and these were definitely the artists most played: Sebastien Tellier, Foals, Flosstradamus, Cut Copy, The Whitest Boy Alive and of course Bonnie Tyler (Total Eclipse of the Heart, anyone?) Foh' shizz. Airplanes are for losers.

(More on Bergen is coming soooon. I just have to be outside right now. It's rrrreallly warm and we're going barbecuing. And I'll bring my plaid pastel picnic blanket! All is good.)

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