torsdag 22. mai 2008

Nom Nom

The last week has been hectic. Really hectic. We're working on two issues of the magazine simultaniously in addition to the special Øya Festival edition. Ex-hau-sting.

Oh, well, in three weeks time I'll be in Greece with my boyfriend. I can't even begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to it. Cold white wine, greek salad, beach life, sun, reading, watermelon. And I'll be there on my birthday too! I'm celebrating my 21st on June 16. Btw, I made the cupcakes in the photo for my friend Liv's birthday in march. They look like some sort of cancer. Anyhuww, tasted good, though.

Turning 21 is something I'm looking forward to. This summer will be 'the summer I was 21', and I have to say that New York has a teensy weensy bit to do with my excitement. It's actually dawning on me now how strange and weird and wonderful and exciting and strange (I said that, right?) it'll be to celebrate my 21st summer in New York. So weird. So so weird.

Things I'm longing to do:
- Have my usual picnic in Central Park with loads of deli goodies such as Snapple, parma ham, rye bread, good cheese, cupcakes from Magnolia and fresh magazines.
- Study design (yes, I'm such a geek, but I can't wait!)
- Drink cheap drinks and then go dancing.
- Live in Brooklyn (first time!)
- Shop (it's New York, come on)

Only one month to go.

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