onsdag 13. august 2008

Back home

the fashion students showing skills; i fell in love with these illustrations

playful jess...

So, I'm back home again. Actually it's been two weeks, but they've just been so intense, working with the new magazine and not to mention the Øya Festival. I got to interview Clipse which was amazing and the after parties we hosted went really well. All the artists (Strip Steve, Les Petites Pilous, The Wave Pictures, Metronomy, Best Fwends, Hot!Hot!Hot!, The Whitest Boy Alive, Luca C, David E. Sugar, Jerry Bouthier and Andrea Gorgeriono) were all so great and really enjoyed the shows. I'm so pleased. I don't know if I can manage to summarize the stay in New York with just a few words, so I'll post some photos from the trip instead.

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