tirsdag 20. januar 2009

Snowy January - a year of new beginnings

My best friend looked over at me yesterday with a discontent frown (we were sitting in the living room, buried under mountains of blankets and pillows on the couch, so I didn't quite grasp the reason for the sadface) - "you haven't updated your blog, since, like forever!". I stared back at her. Feeling the guilty conscious increase. "Hmm. I've been busy". I never intended this blog thing to be something many people paid any attention too, and frankly, I don't think there are (I've never managed to install one of those fancy-schmanzy number counters). But for myself it's important to have this little vent. And I'm so extremely glad that my friends are reading it, and not to mention anxious to figure out what's up with me. Happyface. I know I work too much at times, but I'm slowly and surely managing my time in a better way. I'm no longer stressed (well, almost never) and I feel in general more comfortable with everything. The Christmas holidays were great. I managed to relax. I have a huge design task due on Friday and I'm a bit nervous, to say the least. A few days ago it started snowing. For an entire day it just kept falling down huge chunks of white paper-looking snowflakes, big as brownies. Everything got covered in white and the ambiance got all peaceful. I love snow. It has an amazing calming effect on the scenery. I promise to update more often. Even though it's just a few lines or a photo or two. Or something about elephants. Or bunnies. Or both.
(Photos from style.com, theselby.com, krisatomic +++ random)

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toril sa...

Jeg leser også, Thea!
Og liker bildene, både egne og andres.
Du er estetisk.
Lykke til med disajn.

Klem fra barteby :)

Mag paa eventyr sa...

Jag med, jeg leser og liker!