søndag 12. juli 2009

Summer Apathy

School is way over and I had never expected my first year to go so well. Now I’m genuinely looking forward to starting classes in August. Bought some curriculum, fresh Pilot drawing pens (marquer à dessin) and colorful sketch books made of Japanese paper. Me like. A lot.

But alas, apathy has struck me. Big time. And I had so many plans for this summer. Garments to sew, books to read. But there was this amazing weather for a week or so and all I could think about was shakerato, bathing in the fjord and sandwiches with shrimp and aïoli. Then the weather turned sour and I got sick (possibly from dancing too much in skimpy outfits?). But it’s still only July.

I’m starting my summer job tomorrow. Four weeks full-time. I’m sure it’ll go swell. I’ll just make loads of articles on ice cream.

And in less than two weeks I’ll be heading North with my boyfriend. He has a cabin there, by the beautiful coastline and we’ll do nothing but fish, eat and read for five days. Then I’ll be heading back to work some more.

Things I would love to do before summer ends:

1. Read Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meiridian.
2. See the Norway Says exhibition at the National Gallery of Design.
3. Find a basket for my new blue bicycle.
4. Sew a shirt dress of the beautiful cotton fabric I got at a yard sale. And possible some summer shorts of cotton canvas.
5. Bicycle around Oslo in said shirt dress.
6. Read french (i.e. Harry Potter et Les Reliques de la Mort) and take notes.

Summer summary:

On my plate:
Mozarella, basil and cherry tomato salad
Pad thai
Saaaalmaaaa, wasabi and soy sauce, and loads and loads of pickled ginger

On my lips:
Oliviers & Co: Baume Lèvres à l’Huile d’Olive

On my work table:
Sewing kit with colorful threads, fabric and buttons.

On my TV:
Everyone Says I love You

Hate/Love relationship:
With my Gmail. Love, love, love getting e-mail. Hate, hate, hate the fact that I’m totally and utterly addicted to checking at least five-six times a day. I don’t need coffee in the morning. I have never smoked. But I HAVE to check my e-mail. Sometimes I think I’m insane.

In my ears:
Deerhunter – Cover Me (Slowly)
Grizzly Bear – Too Little Too Late (JoJo cover)
Department of Eagles – Phantom Other
Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love
Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Btw, I’ve realized that all my favorite bands have animal names. That’s pretty weird. Check it out yourselves. You’ll be amazed how many animals you’ll find. My iPod is like freakin’ Animal Planet.

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toril sa...

Hei Thea!
Tenkte kommentere for å si at jeg leser bloggen din! Jeg kjenner også på savnet etter å lese fag og bli klok, men det er sykt digg å ha tid til alle mulige kreative sysler. Sånn sett driver jo du med nettopp det på skolen, kanskje.. Sees! Puss och kram