fredag 14. november 2008


Hmmm. A whole month since last post, but I've been working on my first design task . Add two jobs on top of that and the result is one exhausted little girl. Pwehhh. But now I'm all done.

Yay. Tonight we're having a massive 90s party in the apartment. I'm overexited. I'll be wearing a black dress with chinese markings and a cream colored pleather jacket with a high colar - and of course soak my hair in gel and have on small blue sunglasses on the tip of my nose. Matrix style. All of our friends are bringing their old Buffalos and stuff like that. And I found all my old posters (why did I keep them, really?) of Spice Girls, All Saints and Backstreet Boys in my mom's attic. Sweeet. There'll be slow dance to Mariah Carey's "Hero" and drinking to "California Love". Damn right.

Vacation is only a few weeks away and I counted just 16 whole days left at school. Wow. I have an interview in about an hour so I have to run soon. Here are some of my favorite pictures right now. Nice and simple.

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