søndag 19. oktober 2008

Fantastic Fall

Fall in Norway is pretty much amazing. No doubt. This week has been good, even though I've been missing my boyfriend quite a bit (he's visiting his best friend in Vancouver). Sigh. Thursday was spent doing some spontanious dancing at a birthday party held at a new bar in Oslo called Fisk & Vilt (roughly translated into Fish & Game (the sign was donated by a closing fish dealer)). Lots of good friends and nice music. Britney remixes and cheap cava. Nice. Yesterday we went out to The Villa after a very intimate pre-party (just me and Iselin drinking rum and coke and doing some couch dancing while playing air-keytar). We met up with some friends and since our other friend, Jon (love you, sweetie), was tending the bar we got a very nice price on drinks. Dangerous. We went over to Fisk & Vilt and danced some more. Then we went home and ate pizza. Mmmmm. Today, Karima and I took a walk in the gorgeous weather (the colors were amazing) and saw a great gallery exhibition by Kohei Yoshiyuki called "The Park". Then we went home, cleaned the entire house and baked apple and cinnamon cupcakes. Yum. My plan for tonight is doing nothing but stuffing my face with cupcakes and drinking ginger and honey tea.

2 kommentarer:

Sarah sa...

Balloons! Still there! Will you keep them till I come home?

thea sa...

I'll keep them forever for you.