tirsdag 15. april 2008


Oh, I should really get to work. But my head is hurting so bad that It's hard to think about anything too serious. Hence, I write about small funny things instead. Yeaaah. The wonderful writer Ms. Spinach over at Fashion is Spinach wrote about a cute little character a while ago: She adores the little childhood hero named Eloise, star of the iconic children's book by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight.

The book is about a little girl living in New York's famous Plaza Hotel. "She's wildly creative, absolutely quirky, highly imaginative, very opinionated and completely adorable", according to Ms. Spinach. And judging by the scanned photos she definitely looks like my kind of fashion hero, too. I adore the Kleenex-box-on-the-head-look. I'm betting that it'll be major for fall:)

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