søndag 20. april 2008


Spring has finally arrived and we actually hung out in the park today. After an incredibly long winter it was quite surreal to be barbecuing and relaxing outside. Nice change. Then we went to see the new Opera house. I was not expecting to be so amazed, but wooow, it’s really quite shocking how pretty it looks. Snøhetta has done a great job making the house as interactive as possible. With all the people walking around it resembles a gigantic ant hill.

In another way it looks like a big ship floating through water. We got sort of a Titanic-sinking-into-the-ocean-feeling, though, coming down from the big thing. Scary. And there’s so many gaps! We saw tens of people tripping. Next thing you know there’ll be blood all over the Opera. Gross. Except from that, the Opera looked great. Splendid.

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