fredag 4. april 2008

Lingua Franca

Well, one of my earliest posts stated that this blog was first and foremost for me and me alone. Hence, I wrote in Norwegian. And to some extent, yes, that is true. But, due to recent news I've decided to switch from Norwegian to English (most of the time, at least, when I'm not swamped with work).

I'm hoping this might give me some international readers since... I'm going to New York this summer! I'm failing utterly and completely in hiding my excitement. I love that town. I've actually been there av few times before and was longing to go back (a result of the freezing winter we've had this year?? Uh, yeah). And now I am. 

For the entire month of July I'll be living (and studying, mind you) in New York City, probably one of the most fabuolastic (hehe) cities on earth. Ahh, can't wait. I'll be attending Parsons School of Design in Greenwich Village. The school has a great reputation and I honestly don't know what to do with myself until then. 

Ok, I do know. Need to work. Pretend to be a journalist. Then wonderful Greece (Molyvos) with wonderful b-friend, then the Hove festival with a bunch of good friends and tents and beer and dancing and then NY. I'll be leaving on June 29th. The coundown has officially commenced.  
(PS: Lovely photograph from Daniel Chow)

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