fredag 25. april 2008

My Man Obama

Hillary Clinton annoys me. It's difficult to pinpoint, but there's definitely something out of sync with that woman. Why, oh, why can't she just give it a rest. Irritating woman. McCain will demolish her. Even though he can't raise his arms further than his chest. Huh.

Politics exite me. And the US Presidential Campaign has never been this intriguing. I wish I could vote, but sadly I can not. Damn my Norwegian citizenship.

If I could, I would vote for Obama. I think it's naive to think that the next president of the US is something one should take for granted if you don't live in America. I actually think Obama could make a difference and I have all my fingers and toes crossed that he'll win the nomination. Hillary is a hag.

Btw, I just love this poster by Shepard Fairey. Fairey is a renowned illustrator and graphic designer which a few might recognize as the man behind the Obey Giant. Because of Obey, he actually got named as one the most influential artists today by the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Pretty nice.

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