onsdag 23. april 2008

Oh, if Only I had an Ice Cream Van

I went to the U.S. Embassy yesterday to get my visa for the trip. I was kind of dreading it since I was certain something had to go wrong with all the gazillion different papers I needed to bring along with $130 ("no change!"), 68 kr in postage and a 5 cm x 5 cm photo. Interestingly enough I actually got my visa without that much fuss. I've always envisioned the inside of the U.S. Embassy as some real fancy prominent place with marble and columns and mahogany. But, alas. It actually looked a bit like a post office. Disappointing. Mahhh.

Ah, well. I got my visa. I've booked flight tickets (direct flight home, yayy!) and lodging for the whole trip (I'll be staying in Brooklyn) and the sun is shining. Wonderful. And today I discovered the new LA Riots remix of Heartsrevolution's 'Switchblade'. And I like it! Sort of. It's definitely growing on me.

What's even better is that Heartsrevolution has their own ice cream van. If I had my own ice cream van I would eat pistachio ice cream all day. Nom Nom.

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